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Gcse revision pressure

I'm currently trying to study for my GCSE's but I tend to get distracted. Also my mum puts a lot of pressure on me and this sometimes leads to arguments because I have cousins who have done extremely well In the past years. To make matters worse whenever she tells me to revise it puts me off revising. On top of That she sometimes tells me stuff like "Oh don't come crying to me when you fail" or "When your brother was revising I didn't have this problem". My predicted grades are A's and A*'s but I'm on the verge of giving up. I just don't know what to do anymore.
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Hi there,

Revision time is stressful and having pressure from parents and relations on top can sometimes just be too much and push you to feel like giving up.
One way to try and take control of the situation is to design a revision plan for your study time each day and build into it time for relaxation. And remember to include any activities that you're committed to. Check out our advice on homework and revision and exam stress including a leaflet you can download about beating exam stress you might want to look at. 

There’s also a message board about school and college which includes things like exam stress. On there you can see how other people are coping in a similar situation and how they support each other.

If you decided to try a revision plan, maybe you could talk to your mum about it and let her see what you're planning to do. This might stop her from telling you to revise because she'll know at what times you're revising and what times you're relaxing. If she can see that you're putting the effort in then it might stop her from comparing you to your brother.

It’s not okay for your mum to compare you to your brother. Sometimes the people who are there to look after us do not realise the impact some aspects of their behaviour can have on us and we may need to let them know in order for it to change. 

Everyone is different and we all have different strengths and abilities. It sounds like you are predicted to do well in your GCSE’s and perhaps that’s the thing to focus on if you can, and keep working towards it.

If you'd like to talk things through more, you could contact a contact a counsellor, who would listen and support yo. And help you to make any plans for study and organise your work.

Take care for now.


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