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My name is Z* and I am 16 years old. I have Autism and its my last year of school and i am worried that when i become an adult i wont have a job because there are some things that i dont understand and I wont be able to cope. So what should I do? I would really like to get a job.
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Hi there,

Autism affects people in different ways, and it can cause different challenges in each situation someone is in. When it comes to finding work there are many people who are able to get a job despite having a disability or a medical condition. You have as much right to a successful career as anyone else.

There is a lot of help for both people with autism and employers who hire people with autism. The National Autistic Society has some great information about being employed with autism. It talks about what to do if things in the workplace are not going well, as well as support you and your employer can get.

Your careers advisor at school should be able to help you decide which career path you think you want to go down – although it can be hard to know what the right one for you is while you’re still at school. Whether someone has autism or not it’s always okay to change career paths lots of times. There’s no set path you need to take, so long as you feel fulfilled and happy with what you’re doing.

If you do want to look at some potential careers then the National Careers Service can help you find the right advice about work.

Lots of young people with autism post on our message boards, this might be helpful for you to look at too.

Thanks for the letter,

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