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Feel awkward around my teacher

Hi sam. In school i feel awkward around my teacher. I cant tell him anything not even if i have an idea. What should i do? Also this leads to my thoughts. I get these thoughts of being isolated alone with no windows. It's all going and no one is there. It fills my brain and i can't do much work. I can't tell my teacher why I'm not doing enough work and i feet into trouble. What should i do? I work with a counselor and I'm really open with her. I have told her about my teacher and my thoughts but it stops happens. Please help me. I'm 10 years old.

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Hi there,

Having thoughts of feeling isolated can be really scary and hard to deal with. They can be distracting and have a big impact on school life and work. Anxiety can be really tough as well. But there are ways that can help and you aren’t alone in feeling like this.

Not feeling able to talk to your teacher can add to these difficult feelings. Your teacher is there to help you learn and support you with all areas of your school life and he has a responsibility to make sure that you feel safe at school.

It’s helpful to tell other people what’s on your mind so that you’re not going through it on your own, like you have to your counsellor. Talking to people who care can help. You are doing the right thing to talk to your counsellor. I’d really encourage you to continue to be as open and honest as you can with her and to let her know that things haven’t changed at school. This can help her to understand how things are for you.

You could also think about talking to your teacher about how you are feeling. Sometimes having a think about what you want to say and writing it down on a piece of paper can help to let your teacher know how you have been feeling and how it’s affecting you. Your thoughts and feelings are as important as everyone else’s and that’s because you are important.

Another person that can support you with these thoughts is your doctor. Having a chat with your doctor can help look at ways to help you begin to feel better. It may be that you would like to take a trusted adult or family member with you for support and that’s okay.

I hope this helps. You can always talk to a Childline counsellor if you want more support.

Take Care,


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