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My sats are in 2weeks and i know i have nothing to worry about (because iam quite good😉) but inside i feel worried coz my teachers put presure on me making it sound as if its the end of my life . I really dont know what to do with my worries. What shall i do????
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Hi there,

Exams are coming up for lots of young people at the moment. And some people might feel more confident than others. It’s important to be able to say that we feel confident and well prepared, as it shows we know how we’re doing and that we feel ready.

Teachers want their pupils to do well, and they can sometimes talk a lot about the importance of exams. But they should never put pressure on you to do well. And pupils should feel supported by a teacher

It’s not true to say that it’s ‘the end’ if you don’t do so well in exams. You always have options even if your exams results are not what you hoped for.

Sometimes people around us who want us to do well don’t see how they’re affecting us. It could be a good idea to talk to them about how their words are affecting you.

You could also talk to one of our counsellors who can support you in getting ready to talk to your teacher. A counsellor could help you think about when you might talk to a teacher and how you will approach them.

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