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I;m in year 10 now, which is GCSE year and all the teachers talk about is GCSE's and its stressing me out so much, i dont know how to revise, the amount of exams we have to do is horrible and i just dont know what to do, im getting good grades in everything but im still super nervous, how can i prevent this?
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Hi there,

Lots of young people are feeling pressure because of exams right now. It’s an important time, and teachers will feel responsibility to help students to do well. But sometimes this can sound like an endless reminder about exams.

The number of exams at GCSE can seem overwhelming. And it’s natural to feel nervous about doing well. But our worries and anxieties often build up if we keep them to ourselves. And it can feel like we’ll never find a way to deal with our issues of any solution and we start to panic. So it could be an idea to talk to someone about what’s going on.

Revision can seem endless, but it can help to organise and plan your time. You could work on creating a timetable, like the one you have at school, of how you’ll work on each subject. Breaking it down into small amounts can make it seem more manageable.

Some schools have study support in place like study clubs, and you could ask your teacher to see if there’s more support available. It’s a good idea to make sure you have all the books and equipment you need, and that you have a quiet place to work. You could also look on the message boards where other young people have shared tips and ideas.

Remember that you can always talk to a counsellor for more ideas or just for some help around how to organise your study.

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