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I'm worried about not getting good enough grades to get into sixth form my art teachers dont give the class enough time to carry out the tasks they give us and as a result of that we rush it giving us lower grades.
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Hi there,

It’s really important for everybody to be given the opportunity to do their best. You have the right to be given enough time so that you can complete each task you’re given.

I can tell that you really want to be able to go to sixth form. But you’re worried about your grades. It’s a good idea to make sure that your art teachers understand how you feel about it so that they can make some changes. 

If you’ve already spoken to them, it could help to start keeping a written record of the problems so that you can show someone what’s happening. If you would like to talk to them but have not done already you might find our page about talking to a trusted adult useful.

It could also help to think about the kind of support you need to help you through exam times. If you need any l support with the stress, remember that you can talk to a counsellor at ChildLine. They’re always there for you whenever you want to speak to someone.

You could also check out our revision tips and our advice on coping with exam stress.

I hope you get the right support so that you can feel you’re doing your best in your studies.

Take care,

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