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Dropping out from University.


I got a problem that i dont really know how to deal with it. It made me very stressed and depressed when i think about it.

Last year, i have finished my 1st year of university, i was struggling to pass it but i did it. However, i realized i dont like the course that im doing and when 2year came by i started to dislike it even more. Especially that i live 3 hrs away from University as i moved house with my family and i dont have any friend's in university or even near me.

i feel very stressed and i cry very often as i dont want to go there anymore as i really dont enjoy it and i dont have no one in there.

i told my parents that i want to drop out however they got mad and started to shout at me that i can't. i told them i want to go to beauty carrer as im very good at make up but they told me its not a good pathway and i need to finish the uni.

so im lying to them that i go to uni, however i often dont go. as i really dont want to. i dont know what to do anymore. i feel like to just dissapear

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Hi there,

The experience of being at university can be different for everyone and some situations or environments can affect people in different ways.

Studying a course you don’t like and feeling lonely and isolated from friends and family can make  you feel  uncertain about the future and leave you with some difficult feelings. It does help to have a supportive family and friends around you when making these decisions, although not everyone have this kind of support and it can feel  too much if you feeling like you’ are making big decisions on your own.

Whatever your situation it’s important to explore all the options. You could try things like talking to Student Advice and faculty staff if you’re unhappy about your course or want to change courses. They could also give advice around tuition fees and accommodation contracts as well as managing your workload.

Most universities have mental health counsellors you can talk to about anxiety, missing home or mental health issues such as depression. Joining clubs and societies can be a great way of meeting like-minded people and working out what makes you happy.

Deciding to drop out of university can cause a lot of stress and worry, although it doesn’t have to be a negative decision. For some people it gives them the chance to discover new directions and to re-think what they want to do in their own time.

Making important decisions can feel overwhelming at times and it's important to feel like you're making the right one for you. The Student Room can help students with lots of different issues around getting the best study and revision help to making the right educational choices.

Our Childline counsellors are here to listen and to support you too and if you're over 19 you can contact The mix, which supports for young people under 25.

Thanks for your letter.

Take care,


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