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i just moved to a new school & its kind of new for me , new subjects and language . I am worried about the exams and really confused .
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Thank you for sending your letter to me - I can hear that things have not been easy since you moved schools. Sometimes when you go to a new school it can take a while to settle in. There can be so many new things and people to get used to. If you find things don’t get better over time then perhaps you could have a chat with one of the teachers at your new school to let them know how you are feeling. Maybe there is a teacher who is responsible for helping you to settle in. Most schools have things in place to support people who are new so it might be an idea to see what support your new school offers.

Being worried and confused about exams is normal and there is a really good section on the Childline website which gives information and advice on how to deal with exam stress.

If you would like to talk some more about any of this then you can give Childline a ring on 0800 1111, request a 1-2-1 chat through the website or send us an e-mail.

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