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Can I move back to my old school?

i mived to a new school 5 months ago because i felt like i didnt really fit in even though i had a bit of friends then i decided to move to a school closer to home but i realised the children are not disciplined and now i just cant stand it i really feel depressed amd alone when i go im too scared to ask my parents if i can tranfer back but online i see pictures of my friemds enjoying themselves and i feel like they forgot about me please help im really sad everyday i go to school i just want to sit down amd cry.😢

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Hi there,

Sometimes we make decisions that we think might have been a mistake. It's difficult to know if they really are a mistake in the long-run because we don't know how things will work out. It's worth talking about it with your parents or an adult you trust because it's important you're happy. They might move you back to your old school, but if they can't then maybe together you could think of something else. It's always good to look at how to change things when you are unhappy.

The first thing to do is to let people know that you are still unhappy. This can feel like you’re going to make people angry or upset with you, but it's important that the people around you understand how you feel. They helped you to change schools because they wanted you to be happy and they should want to know if this has worked or not.

Once your family know how you feel you can decide together what to do - either change schools again, move back to your old school or try to make the best of your new school. Moving schools again might or might not be an option but it's an important one to think about carefully.

Moving somewhere new can be very difficult. Often friendship groups have already formed and it might be unclear how you fit into the new place. Given enough time though, even the scariest places can become somewhere you feel comfortable.

A good way to make new friends is to get involved with after school clubs and sports that you find interesting. You will get to meet people who enjoy the same things you do, which can make it easier to find friends and build relationships.

I hope this has helped, but if you need to talk more then our counsellors are here for you.

Take care.


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