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What shall I do if I don't feel safe around my mum's partner?

Hi, Basically my mum has been in a relationship with this guy for a while now, but me and my brother do not feel safe around him. He has had numerous previous convictions and tends to do illegal substances. But, when we once called the Police nothing has happened so I don't know if that is an option anymore?

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Hi there,

You have the right to feel safe where you live and no one should make you feel threatened or in danger. Your parents or carers are there to protect you and shouldn’t put you at risk from other people.

You might feel scared of someone’s past and it’s good to be cautious with anyone you aren’t sure about. Having a criminal record doesn’t automatically make someone dangerous but if they’ve been convicted of hurting people then it’s worth knowing that. Remember to notice how they behave now but don’t ignore their past.

Taking drugs can sometimes make people act unusually or change mood quickly which can leave you feeling unsafe and uncertain. Drugs can also make someone take risks and not notice dangers so they might put other people in danger by their actions too.

It’s always okay to call the police when you feel unsafe and you can ask what action they’ll take to protect you if you’re in danger. When you call the police the person you speak to will try to understand the situation and decide the best thing to do right now.

That means that the police don’t always come out to see you and sometimes they contact another service if you need help to be safe but no crime has been committed. They might speak to Social Services, for example, who can look at the situation in more detail. This can take time and it might seem like nothing is happening when services are deciding how they can best help.

If you aren’t sure what’s happening next you can call the police on 101, the non-emergency number, to ask. Anytime that you feel scared or in danger you can call 999 in an emergency. Trust your instincts – if you feel unsafe, it’s better to get out of the situation wherever possible.

Remember that the counsellors at Childline can support you to find the right help for you. I hope this has helped, thanks for writing to me.


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