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Tricky Dilema!

My mums been of work because she has been having tests done, And I found out yesterday that these are tests for cancer. No one knows that I know and I'm not sure wether to tell my mum. I'm scared in case she does get cancer but I don't know who to tell. I'm also upset my mum didn't tell me!



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Hi there,

Thanks for writing to me. I can see from your letter how upset and uncertain you feel about your mum’s health at the moment. I imagine it was both difficult for you to learn about the tests she has been having and then not be able to share this with anyone.

I can also see how disappointed you are that your mum hasn’t talked to you about this. Sometimes parents feel that they need to be sure about the information they give their children, particularly when it is about their health, so as not to worry them. This can be especially so, if they need to know more about results or treatment.

At the same time, I can see how you are now worrying about what might be happening. If your mum is having tests done, it shows that she is doing her best to look after her health, which is really good. The medical team will be there to take good care of her.

As you are wondering whether to talk to her, if the feeling you have inside is strongly telling you to do that, then it might be the best way to find out what’s happening. You could also talk to her about wanting you and mum to support each other. If you are unsure about speaking to her, maybe there's another trusted adult you might talk to?

If you would like to talk to a ChildLine counsellor, to help you work out what to do next, you can do this, by ringing 0800 1111 for free, or you could have a 1-2-1 chat online. We would really like to hear from you.

Take care,


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