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scared about my neice

my sister had a baby when she was 18 and she has a new boyfriend but he makes her smoke and i think takes drugs. As her baby is my neice i am really scared for my sister and my neice, also her new boyfriend hurts her: slames her head in wardrobes gives her bruises and smashes things! PLEASE HELP ME!!!
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Hi there,

Thanks for writing to me and telling me about what’s going on. Seeing people we care about get hurt by others is really upsetting and it’s understandable that you feel scared. You’re doing the right thing getting support so well done for getting in touch.

Remember that if at any time you feel like your sister and niece are in danger it’s ok to call 999 so that the police can go and make sure they’re safe.

Your sister’s boyfriend has no right to hurt her, or to make her smoke and take drugs and he’s wrong to do this. What’s happening to your sister and your niece could be described as Domestic violence.

You don’t mention whether anyone else in the family knows about what’s happening. If they don’t, you could think about whether there’s an adult that you trust who you could tell, so that you can work with them to think about the best ways to support your sister and niece. One possibility is to contact the NSPCC helpline on 0808 800 5000 to report the concerns for your niece. The helpline staff check out any worries people have about children and young people. They are open 24 hours a day and people who call don’t have to give their names.

If there isn’t anyone in the family, another option would be to approach someone at your school or college, like a teacher or mentor that you get on well with. You could explain your worries to them and figure out what to do next.

It’s not easy to know that somone you care about is being hurt so it’s important that you continue to get support too. ChildLine are always here to listen if you want to talk more about things. You can contact a counsellor online for a 1-2-1 chat, or give us a ring on 0800 1111.

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