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Running Away!

I feel like running away from unfairness and arguments i wish someone could look at this from a different view and see that i need another voice i need help and advice i need to stop this from happening so i am exploring childline i hope you understand .

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Hi there,

Running away can feel like the only way to escape difficult things that are happening at home. But it's often unsafe, and it can put you in a lot of danger. When things are really tough at home, it's a good idea to look at safe alternatives first.

I wouldn't encourage anyone to run away. But if they do, it's really important to talk to someone first. Remember that you can ring Childline free on 0800 1111 any time for support with getting to a safe place. You can also go to the nearest police station for help too, or call 999 in an emergency. There’s the Runaway Helpline too on 116 000.

You mentioned that things are unfair and that there are lots of arguments and you need another voice. It sounds as though you’d like someone to help explain your point of view to other people in your life. It's natural to feel that sometimes we are not being listened to or heard. Childline can be there to help you find ways of getting your point across.

Sometimes it can help to talk to a Social Worker about what’s happening at home. They can help you and your family makes things better at home. They can also help to find you somewhere else to live if they don’t think it’s safe for you to stay at home. They will look at each situation and then make a decision on what they find, I cannot say might happen.

If you feel that you need help from Social Services, Childline can help you to put you in touch with them. If you’d rather speak to them directly (without Childline’s help), you can find contact details for Social Services (also called Children’s Services) in your area by looking at the Government’s website. When you type in your postcode, it will show you the local council website for your area. Once you’re on that webpage, there should be a section for Children’s Services, with different ways of getting in touch with them.

If you find yourself with nowhere safe to stay, you might find it useful to look at Shelter’s website. They've got advice about young people's housing rights. There’s also an organisation called Centre Point that has ideas and information about places you can stay in an emergency.

I’m glad that you wrote to me about this. Please remember if you feel that you want to run away it is really important to seek help from trusted people like Childline to discuss how  you are feeling and what you are planning.

Take care,


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