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It all started when my baby sister was born now she's 16 months... My mum has ignored me and called me a 'liar' or just ignored me. The only time she talks to me is like I have done something wrong?? I really want to run away sometimes but I don't any corage I'm 13 btw.. I really want my old mum back
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Hi there,

It can be hard to get used to a big change like a new person joining the family. Someone new will always have a big effect on what things are like at home and sometimes it can feel like things were better before than they are now. Being open and honest about how you feel is really important, as well as trying to look at the good things about the new change as well.

It’s especially hard when a new brother or sister comes along because it can feel like your parents are only focussed on the baby and not on you. Usually babies do need a lot more attention when they’re so young, and it might be that they are spending more time on the baby than they are with you – but you are just as important.

Telling your parents how you feel can really help – they might not be thinking about this as much as they should, so a reminder for them could be useful. You’ll probably find that it will go better if you show mum that you understand how difficult things are at the moment – but at the same time you should also tell them how you feel ignored. It’s up to your mum to make sure she is looking after your feelings as much as she is your baby sister.

Think carefully about the right time and place to bring this up – not when she’s stressed or busy. If you’re finding the right time isn’t coming then ask if you could talk to her and arrange a time, so that she knows it’s important to you.

I hope this helps. You can always talk to a ChildLine counsellor – there’s someone to listen to you at any time of the day.

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