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When I was younger my mum was an alcoholic and it I remember only that from being smaller. I don't know if it has affected me long term but she is better now. I want to talk to a counselor or something but I don't think we can afford it? What can I do? I constantly think about it.
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Thanks for sending us your letter. It sounds like you went through a tough time with your mum and still have concerns about it now. Asking for help when you feel you might need some is always the right thing to do. While everyone is different, we all need support some times.

I’m glad to hear that your mum is better now. It can be really hard to overcome any addiction so it sounds like she worked hard to get well. While that is great, it’s okay and very natural that you would want some help to deal with your past. As well as the feelings you may have struggled with during the time your mum wasn’t well. Alateen are an organisation who run groups for young people ages 12-17 who have experience of having someone in their lives with an alcohol problem.

You’ve mentioned going to a counsellor, but I can hear that you are worried about money. There are free counselling services available in many areas.  Your doctor may be able to make a referral for you to see a counsellor locally, and you shouldn’t have to pay for that. Some counsellors offer regular appointments in school, so it’s worth asking a teacher or your school nurse about that. You can also look at the Youth Access website to see if there are any free counselling services near you. A lot of them will allow you to “self-refer” which means you can get in touch directly to make an appointment for yourself.

You might also want to have a look at our Explore content about parents and alcohol.

While ChildLine doesn’t provide long term counselling we are someone you can talk to if you need to just get things off your chest or talk things through for a while. You can always call us on 0800 1111 or talk to a counsellor on 1-2-1 chat.

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You can talk privately to a counsellor online or call 0800 1111 for free.

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