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I'm unsure, if i can or cannot tell my parent's taht i don't want them to invade my fanancial privacy, my parents are asking if they can look into my savings box, but I feel like that's an invasion of my personal privacy, I don't wish for them to do so, do i have a right that could conclude this for my personal interest, not for them to look into my savings or are they allowed to do so without my permission, I'm 15, nearly 16, could you resolve my situation?
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Hi there,

Thanks for your letter. I can hear that you're feeling a little uncertain about what sort of privacy you should have at home with your parents.

In general, the law says that all people living in the UK have a right to privacy. There are specific laws for children (for example, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) which say that all children should have a right to privacy.

These laws really mean that you have a right to privacy from things like the government, but it may be a useful starting point for a conversation with your parents about privacy. Perhaps you could talk with them about how you feel you should have more privacy with your savings box.

A lot of young people write to me about how they feel their parents invade their privacy. Wanting more independence from your parents is a very natural part of growing up. However one of the difficult things with this is that your parents have a duty of care to look after you. This means they are responsible for you. By doing their job of looking after you, your parents may have keep an eye on different parts of your life. Sometimes this can be annoying. It may feel intrusive and over-protective but often it is because parents are trying to keep you safe.

You sound like a really mature and intelligent young person so I’m thinking speaking with your parents about your feelings on this situation may be the best way forward. It could be a good idea to ask them what makes them want to look in your savings box, and perhaps you can come to a compromise with them.

If you feel you can't speak with your parents, maybe you could think of another trusted family member or adult that you could speak with. Somebody like this may be able to offer you some advice or support you in speaking with your parents.

ChildLine counsellors are also always available to speak with if you would like some extra support. You can talk online or by calling 0800 1111. The ChildLine message boards may also be a good place to ask other young people for some advice with this.

I hope this letter has been helpful for you.

Take care,

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