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My mum and dad leave me and my brother home alone

My mum and dad leave me and my brother home alone all the time they started when my brother was 2 and i was 6 i am 10 now and brother is 6 and i am worried people are going to find out and going to take me and brother to care. One part of me wants it to happen but the other says my parnets are the best. I've told my friends at school and they said my parnets are crazy, Plus they also blame me for the washing when they come back they used to hit me all the time and i just want to run away but i cant i am to scared they will find me and punish me even more then they even started please help me sam.

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Hi there,

I’m glad you’ve got in touch and that you wanted to talk to.

It sounds like mum and dad leaving you and you brother at home like they do would be really scary. It also sounds like things at home with your parents have been really difficult for a while; you’ve been really brave to get in touch.

When a parent or a carer doesn’t look after a child or young person properly, it is something that is called neglect. Neglect is wrong and it means that for some people they are not getting the basic things they need to be safe and comfortable. For some people it can be food or warmth, or like you and your brother, proper care and safety. When adults leave young children alone like that,  it might mean they are not safe and maybe in danger. It is important for all young people to feel safe and looked after at home.

I can hear how scared you are that your parents hit you and that they’ll punish you more. This can leave some young people with lots of worried feelings like wanting to run away. When an adult hits a child or young person this is called physical abuse, like neglect it is something that is wrong and against the law.

If you wanted to know more about what physical abuse and neglect are, there is some information on the ChildLine website. There is also information on the ChildLine message boards which has been posted by other young people.

When these things happen to people it can be really important to talk to someone you feel you can trust. Your school could look at ways to help you to get this to stop and the first step for many people in getting help is by talking to a trusted adult, like a teacher. It can be helpful to talk to ChildLine about this before you do it, to practice what you might say or discuss your concerns with us.

ChildLine counsellors are able to keep things like physical abuse and neglect private and confidential and normally don’t tell anyone what is happening to you unless you ask them to. There is more information about confidentiality on the ChildLine website.

What ChildLine counsellors do is to listen to children and young people about how they feel and what’s going on for them. If you wanted to get in touch with a counsellor you could talk about how you're feeling, what’s happening with your parents and what support and going into care really might mean for you and your brother. You can get in touch with them by calling 0800 1111 or by going to the talk to us section of the website.

It is important to feel safe, and before you might do anything that might put you in danger like running away it can help to talk to ChildLine to get support and see things a little more clearly, you can do this through our 1-2-1 chat service or by email.

You’ve been really brave to get in touch with me,

Take care,


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