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My mom won't talk to me

A few months ago I took something from my moms room . This object was really expensive and I used it but I didn't tell her until she found out last week . But when she found out she went ballistic and I mean ballistic. Anyway the next day she wouldnt talk to me then the day after and the day after that and she's still ignoring me now ,

but I asked her why are you ignoring me and she said that I don't give her any respect for her her privacy and her belongings . And then she said she will not help me with anything ever again as I don't appreciate what she has done for me anyway. Since she has done theese things I am feeling a little regret that I wish I had of given her a lot more rep sect for her and the things she does for me . I'm trying really hard to talk to her and do stuff for her but she just won't talk to me and plus I am trying hard to find a job to pay her back the thing I took from her plus some other things

what should I do to make her talk to me again and trust me?

thank you for your time to read this

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Hi there

Trust can be easily lost, but unfortunately it can also be very difficult to gain. This is upsetting when it’s someone we’re really close to, like family. Trust is something that needs to be earned. And it takes time and patience.

We all make mistakes and do things we shouldn’t have. Everyone will break a promise, hurt someone or let someone down at some point in their life. Nobody is perfect, and we all do these things even when we know we don’t mean to.

The important thing is trying to put our mistakes right to build up trust again. This is a hard thing to do. It depends on what we do. But it also depends on how someone else thinks and feels. The time it takes us to forgive ourselves and move on might be different for the time it takes someone to regain trust in us – and this can hurt and frustrate us.

Your mum is obviously very hurt by what happened – I can tell you want her to know how sorry you are. If she isn’t talking to you in person right now, writing out your apology is the next best thing. Try putting it down on paper and giving it to her at a time when she’s not busy or distracted, and see what her reaction is.

Regaining her trust could take some time, but perhaps you can ask her what she needs in order for her to trust you again. Paying her back is a good start, but maybe she is looking for something else.

I hope that helps to think about, and remember you can always talk to a ChildLine counsellor about what's going on. They can help you to write a letter, or practise working out what you'd like to say.

Take care,

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