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I'm really worried

My dad has just broke up with my mum and I'm just speechless  my mum keeps crying and saying its not my fault, every time I check google I get the same thing every time. My mum and dad divorced with different people befor but my mum doesn't think this is right, plz help as I don't think it's right either as they just had a baby!! Plz reply quickly as I'm really getting nervous!

Thx Sam

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Hi there,

Thanks for your message.

It sounds like your parents’ separation has come as a shock to you, so it’s natural to have lots of questions and different feelings about what has happened. Unfortunately sometimes marriages don’t work out, even when both adults try their hardest, and that can be for lots of different reasons. It’s good that your mum has let you know that this isn’t your fault. It sounds like you mum didn’t want your dad to leave and it’s been particularly hard for you to see her so sad. It seems like you’re also feeling upset for your new baby brother or sister.

I can hear that it all feels incredibly worrying and unsettling at the moment. Hopefully once you know more about what will be happening next, it will start to feel a bit easier to cope with. It’s likely that your mum and dad will get support from professionals (lawyers) to help them decide where you will all live.

It’s important that you have someone to talk to as your parents try to figure out what they want to happen. You’ve said that you are nervous so well done for sharing that feeling with ChildLine. It sounds like your mum has talked to you about this so hopefully that will continue. You may also find it helpful to talk to another family member or even a friend so that you don’t have to bottle up these feelings.

Remember that the ChildLine counsellors are here if you want to talk to them about this. You can contact them either through email, by logging in for a 1-2-1 chat, or by calling the freephone number (0800 1111).

The Explore section has some really useful information about Separation and divorce. National Family Mediation are an organisation who help families that are splitting up, and they’ve got some good advice for young people on their website. You could also try reading the Separation and divorce message board, where you can see comments and advice from young people in similar situations. It can help to know that you aren’t alone in this situation.

I hope this helps.

Take care,


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