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I'm lost without my dog

I bought a dog he cost a lot of money and I singed the papers and stuff so he's mines and my mum and dad just gave him away and he was like one of my best friends I feel hurt and lost when I'm home alone I have no one now but I really want him back what will I do
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Hi there,

It’s really hard when you feel your parents have done something without thinking about how you feel. I know what an important friend a pet can be. It sounds like your dog was really special to you.

It might be worth asking your parents if they’d let you have a dog again. Is there anything that would have to happen to make having a dog again possible?

If you have a friend who has a dog, you could try asking them if you can play with it sometime.

These things won't get your dog back. If you want your best friend back, then it seems like the only people able to make that happen are your parents. Talking through what the problem was might mean you can come to a compromise.

If you want to talk it over with someone you could tell a ChildLine counsellor. You could also post a message on our message boards, and you may get responses from other young people who have had a similar experience and want to help you. Doing that might help you feel a bit less alone.

You’ve lost an important companion and that’s not easy, so it’s good to get some support for this.

Take care,

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