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I'm being beat by my dad .

I been getting hit smacked in the face & it hurts. for little stuff too. ill post something on my Facebook about a boy I like or little sayings or a lyric from a song & he'll say that he doesn't like it & thinks its disrespectful then I'll get beat. it hurts he's my dad I love him but I'm his daughter I don't think hitting is the solution. Talking it out & telling me would be the solution I feel. He slapped me across my face & my cheeks hurt & kicked me in my stomach I can take the pain I just feel like I won't be able to take it much longer. I don't want him to go to jail I just want this all to stop. I'm a good girl too I never go out I stay in the all the time. I have a few good friends that come over (sometimes) I'm also an athlete so I do active things I'm not lazy . I just hate this. I feel like im gonna get seriously hurt and end up in the hospital. Then my dad will really get I trouble. I don't want him to. I just want him to STOP. I've been crying everytime I think about it. I'm at my Breaking point Sam.
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Thank you for your letter.

I can hear just how upset you feel about what’s happening at home with your dad and I’m really glad that you decided to write to me. It sounds very hurtful and confusing and it’s understandable that you just want it to stop. I imagine that it’s exhausting constantly wondering what your dad will do next.

I’m very concerned that he hits, smacks and slaps you, and has kicked you in the stomach. No one has the right to hurt you, no matter who they are. What you’re going through is called 'physical abuse' and I want you to know that it is absolutely not your fault. Speaking about abuse for the first time can be hard, but you’ve done the right thing to tell someone else.

You’ve said that you love your dad and don’t want him to get into trouble, but it also sounds really frightening to be worried that he may end up putting you in hospital. It’s not unusual to love someone that’s hurting you even though you don’t like what they’re doing, especially if the person is part of your family. But that the fact that you love your dad doesn’t make it ok for him to treat your like this. Your safety should be the top priority for you dad. Families are supposed to be caring and loving towards one another, and your dad is someone that you should feel safe and secure with. It certainly doesn’t sound like that is the case.

There are a few different options for getting some help. In an emergency you can ring 999 to speak to the police. You could also think about speaking to another adult that you trust, like a teacher, a doctor, or an athletics coach. If they know you are not safe at home they should get you the help you need. They might contact social services, who support families who are having a difficult time. You can speak to social services directly yourself if you’d prefer. Each part of the country has it’s own social services department, but you should be able to find the right number for your area in your yellow pages, or by looking online.

You would always be very welcome to talk to a Childline counsellor directly. They will listen and help you decide what the best option might be for you. There are different ways to contact the counsellors. You can log in for a 1-2-1 chat (similar to instant messenger) or you can ring the free phone number, 0800 1111.
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