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i need help and i dont know how to tell my parents


I struggle with depression for over four years now and anxiety and i feel ill all the time. The doctors have said it is due to my psychological state. I tried to go to a psychologist once but i didn't feel comfortable so i stopped but now i want to try another person. I don't know how to ask my parents to take me to another therapist because every time i tell them they say that i don't need one.

I'm looking forward to your respond.

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Hi there,

It can be really hard if you're struggling with problems and you've been feeling depressed for a long time. Talking to anyone about problems, whether that person is a friend, a trusted adult, or even a therapist, can be really a difficult thing to do.

It is positive that you've decided to speak to your doctor about what you're going through, and to try and get some support put in place again. But it seems your parents are making it difficult for you to move to the next step.

Sometimes people around us might not understand how we really feel inside. Or just how much of a struggle we are finding things. This can be frustrating for anyone. Although this kind of problem can be very difficult for others to understand, but that doesn’t mean they have a right to stop you getting help.

You're allowed to speak to your doctor yourself, without your parents permission, and it may even be possible to consent to your own treatment – though this depends on whether the doctor feels you're able to understand everything you're being told. The best thing to do is explain your problem to the doctor and see if they can help.

If you feel ready, it could be a good idea to try to explain how you've been feeling in more detail to your parents. You can also explain why you think talking to another therapist could help. You might even consider asking your parents to go to your GP with you, so that they could talk to the doctor themselves to take some of the pressure off of you.

With all of this happening it's important to remember that you deserve support. You can talk to a Childline counsellor to support you with finding ways to manage your feelings, or with preparing to talk to your parents. Whatever's on your mind, they are always there to listen and support you.

Take care,


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