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I feel like my mum hates me...

My mum is always hitting me and my sister for accidents such as: if I accidentally drop something on the floor she'll hit me and make my cry. She leaves dark red marks on my body and never apologises. She also swears. A lot. Whether it's by accident or on purpose. She yells constantly and cause countless arguments with my dad. I fear that my sister and I are in danger and that Sh might try worse things and I don't want her treating my sister like she did to me. Please help. I feel like my mum hates me...
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Hi there,

It’s never okay for someone to hurt you physically or emotionally. The people you live with at home should be there to protect and look after you, not cause you harm.

It’s upsetting whenever we’re being hurt by someone, but the closer we are to them the harder it can be. When someone like your mum is hurting you it’s difficult to come to terms with that fact, and can make us feel unloved or hated. There can be a lot of confusing feelings because we might care for the person that’s hurting us.

It’s really important to tell someone else if you and your sister are in danger. Finding the right person to tell is important, so think carefully about which adult you trust the most and then talk to them about it. If you ever feel like you’re in immediate danger then it’s always okay to call 999.

Telling someone about something as personal as your home life can be hard, which is why it’s good to find someone you are comfortable sharing this with. It could be important to think about what you would like to happen, too. This can be quite complex, so it’s probably a good idea to talk that part through with a ChildLine counsellor.

ChildLine can keep what’s happening between you and them whilst you decide what you think you should do next. You can talk online or on the phone. There’s always someone here for you.

I hope that helps you.

Take care,

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