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I feel as if my family is breaking apart

When I was 5 my mum and Dad split up. When I was 6 they moved into 2 separate houses. As I was young I didn't understand . I think I was eight when I properly realised why I had 2 houses. It's really hard having two houses . Kids at school get confused when I say " let's chek what house I'm walking to tonight. "

When I was 10/11 my aunt and uncle split . A few weeks ago my aunt got married to a new man who I've never seen before. My uncle has a girl . I feel in the middle . I have a big sister. My coisins have been missing school. My life is made of problems. . sometimes I start crying . I forget things sometimes and its hard to explain to teachers why I've forgotten things because it's at the others house. I hat it when my parents argue. There kinda friends . But when they do argue I run away into my bed.

sam. Thanks for listening. i needed to get that out

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​​Hi there,

Sometimes if adults aren't happy in a relationship with each other, they may decide to separate. This can be really difficult for the children involved and it sounds as if it’s been really tough for you since your mum and dad split up.

It can be really hard to just be around arguments and sometimes adults don't realise how much their behavior is affecting the  people who are closest to them, like their families. You could tell your parents how you feel about hearing their arguments and how much it is affecting you, because that's something that shouldn't be happening.

When family relationships change, it's completely normal to have worries and it seems like you have been left feeling stuck in the middle of everything. It's really normal to need extra support in situations like this, and it's okay to ask for it.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your parents or other family members about this, then it may be helpful for you to share your worries with your teachers at school. This might also help your teachers to understand more about your situation, and also the reasons for you forgetting things.

One good idea for coping is to keep a diary of what happens and how it makes you feel. If you ever feel ready to ask an adult for help, they can get a really clear idea of what's happening at home by reading your diary. It's important that you get a chance to share your thoughts and worries with someone too.

It can sometimes be hard to know what to do, and you might find it useful to look at the message boards where you can get advice and support from other young people going through similar things.

It's important not to keep worries or feelings bottled up, so please remember you can speak to Childline counsellors at any time. You can call for free on 0800 1111, send an email or have a 1-2-1 chat.

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