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dear sam,i am worried about my friend her dad is so horrible to her i tryed to help her but hes putting her in danger i tell her abput childline but she says it's alright but i just want her to be safe,i love her very much se she is my bestest friend and i hate seeing her like this and at school she gets bullied an im shy so its hard for me to say anything and because she dosen't have any friends she's always had me she jealous and starts self harming herself xo
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Hi there,

Thank you so much for your letter.

From what you have told me about your friend, it does sound like there is good reason for you to worry about her safety at home with her dad.

It is great to hear that you have told your friend about Childline. It might also be an idea to tell her about our website, especially if she doesn’t feel ready to talk directly to a counsellor yet. There is a lot of information she can read about abuse and being bullied while she is thinking about getting help.

It does sound like your friend has a lot of difficult things to cope with, both at home and at school. It is not ok for anyone to say hurtful/abusive things to her. Your friend has a right to feel loved, cared for and safe at home as well as a right to feel safe at school. Bullying is unacceptable. Your school should have an anti-bullying policy that explains how they will try to keep every pupil safe from being bullied at school.

If you ever think that your friend’s life is at risk, or that she is being seriously hurt, it is important to tell an adult that you trust. This can be hard to do if your friend has asked you not to speak to anyone else, but keeping her safe is the most important thing.

I get a sense from your letter that all that you find it hard knowing what is happening to your friend. It can be very worrying to see a friend going through a tough time. From what you’ve told me, it seems like you might be her only friend at the moment. I imagine that might feel like a lot of responsibility. You might find it helpful to read the information on the Helping a Friend page in Explore. I’d like you to know that ChildLine is there to support you too and if you’d like a safe space to talk about how you feel.

Sometimes young people call ChildLine (for free) on 0800 1111 and just stay quiet for a few times, before they feel brave enough to talk with a counsellor. The counsellors understand that it can take a great courage to tell someone else about something difficult or upsetting. Sometimes young people don’t want to get a family member into trouble, or they feel they could make things worse for themselves. The ChildLine counsellors understand the importance of taking time to help someone. They won’t rush anyone making a decision. However, they are there to listen when you are ready.

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