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Hi Sam

It's coming towards Christmas,and I'm quite worried because theirs a lot of drinking involved and when my dad drinks he becomes argumentative. But not in a bad way. What do I do?
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Hello there,

Thank you for writing this letter. It sounds like concerns about what might happen made it difficult for you to look forward to Christmas, and there may be other young people who had similar worries. You can read what other young people have said on the Christmas and New Year messages board. Perhaps you could think about posting a message yourself there, or on the alcohol, smoking and drugs boards.

It seems like the way your dad acts when he drinks alcohol sometimes makes you feel uncomfortable. You tell me that he becomes argumentative but ‘not in a bad’ way. I am not sure what you mean by this but it sounds like you do not feel unsafe when this happens. By now Christmas will be over but there can be other occasions when those close to us like to have a drink.

There is more information on the alcohol page. You asked what you should do, I’m wondering whether it would be possible for you to speak to anyone else in your family about how you feel, many young people tell me that they find this helpful. You do not tell me whether your dad knows how you feel about his behaviour when he has had a drink or about how you and he get along the rest of the time. Sometimes, the people in our family are unaware of the impact their behaviour can have on us. Depending on your relationship with your dad, telling him might be one option to consider.

If you would like to talk more about what Christmas was like, or how things are for you now you can talk to a ChildLine counsellor online, on the phone, or by sending an email.

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