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Going on holiday without my social worker

Dear sam, I have recently been given the opportunity to go on my first ever holiday but it isnt with my parents, my mom has given full concent for me to travel with a different adult but would me having a social worker affect my travel possibilty or my mom, i am 16 so i dont know if my social worker would cause problems because she doesnt know im going on holiday.

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Hi there,

A social worker can be in a young person’s life for many different reasons. Usually they're there to make sure that young people (and sometimes adults) are kept safe from harm. They can also work with families to improve their lives.

Social workers usually make an assessment to give each person and each family the best support. These assessments can be different for each individual and social workers might work in a slightly different way depending on what area they're from.

It's important to talk to your social worker about any changes that may be going on in your life, including going on holiday. Being open and honest with the people around you can help them to support you.

Sometimes it can be difficult talking to an adult and it may help to prepare what you want to say. Planning can really help to feel ready to start and it may help to practise the words you want to say, either by saying them out loud or writing them down. This could help you to remember the points you're trying to make, and you may find that thinking about how you the conversation may go will help you to feel more confident.

It's important to find the right time to talk and to make sure you feel comfortable. Putting things into words often helps to ease any anxieties and can make sure people in your life who may be responsible for you are aware of the situation.

Thanks for your letter and remember our counsellors are always here for you if you need someone to talk to.

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