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Forcing religoen?

Ive been brought up to be a christian, but ever since obe of my pets died even tho i prayed and prayed for him to make it after bring him to the vet "God" didnt save him. Id spent 13 years worshiping him and he could let one small animal of mine live for it. Ever since i didnt beleive in this "God" and slowly beleived in evolution. Recently i missed church which led to my mum asking questions. I told her the truth hoping she'd understand. But instead leading to me locked in my room while my parents tried to convert me back. I dont think its right that they can try force a religoen onto me. And now theyre trying to force me to religous clubs saying im to young to make dicissions. What should i do? What can i do? - anonomous
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Hi there,

Thank you for your letter. It sounds like you have thought a lot about your beliefs and I am pleased you have been able to share them with me. Religious or spiritual beliefs are often based on our own personal experiences and it sounds like your pet dying has really changed how you think of 'God' and religion.

Pets can be such important parts of our lives and when a pet dies it can be a really difficult experience to go through. There is some information on our page about losing someone that you may find helpful to have a look at.

It sounds like since you told your mum about your change in beliefs you have been treated unfairly. Being forced to attend religious clubs sounds really difficult for you and being locked in your room is not okay - this could be thought of as a type of emotional abuse.

It’s okay to have your own beliefs. Everyone has a right to have beliefs of their own, no matter how old they are. Remember that we can’t choose what we believe – we are either convinced of something or we’re not. Perhaps you can talk to your mum about what has convinced you that there is no God and what it would take for you to believe in God again, if anything.

Perhaps this is something you could chat to an adult you trust about. This might be a teacher at school or a relative. ChildLine counsellors will also listen to how you are feeling and, if you want, they can help you think about some good ways to deal with your situation.

It’s normal for parents to want you to share the same beliefs and values they have, but having religion forced onto you is not okay. However, it is something a lot of young people experience in different ways. You may find it useful to have a look at our message boards - there is a faith and religion thread where a lot of young people are talking about their personal beliefs and how it impacts their lives.

You can contact a ChildLine counsellor at any time. Remember we are always here for you.

Take care,

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