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Ikeep on talking to my mum in a mean way and then 10 mins later I will think why have I done that 
I really want to have help because I want to stop do you have any advice
PS I am 10 yrs old
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Hi there,

It can be hard when we do things that hurt others and we regret it afterwards. When you want to change an aspect of your behaviour, it can help to think about what’s making you do it in the first place. Perhaps something happens between you and your mum that makes you upset or annoyed, or maybe you’ve got something on your mind that’s making you feel like taking it out on those around you. Changes in the way we behave are usually caused by something and it can be worth taking time to be sure about what that is.

It could help to tell your mum about how you feel as well, so that she knows that you don’t like speaking to her the way you sometimes do. Good communication is an important part of any relationship and if your mum understands why this is happening, it could help things between the two of you.

If you find that you’re getting annoyed easily and you want help to control your anger, it might help to check out our information and advice about anger.

Lots of people have times when they regret how they spoke to somebody. It’s okay to make mistakes and I can hear that you want to change how things can be between you and your mum. If you’d like to talk to a ChildLine counsellor about this a bit more they might be able to help you explore what is making you talk in a mean way to your mum.

Take care,


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