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Christmas in hospital

last year i spent christmas in hospital. it wasn't weird for me because i hadn't actually been home since october. but i just want everyone to know that if they're going through i know they'll get all the support they'll need. when i was back home we celebrated christmas again but not as mega, just a meal and my parents gave me some presents that they couldnt give me on christmas day. i cried a lot, but i was alright. it does get better
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Thank you very much for your letter.

It’s great that you decided to tell me about this as I think hearing from someone who has been through this will be helpful for other people who may be in a similar situation this year. I can hear that there were times when you felt upset, but that you also found a way to enjoy some Christmas celebrations.

It’s good to hear that you received lots of support when you spent Christmas in hospital. It sounds as though that made the experience easier for you, and it’s very reassuring to hear that you feel other young people in hospital will get the same support. Another place where you could share your experiences and read more about how other young people are feeling is on the Christmas and New Year message board

Thanks again for taking the time to write to me,

Take care,


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