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hi sam ,

my mum and dad has just recived a letter adressed to them and i asked my dad what it was about but he would not tell me i think they might be getting a devorce but i am really worried because i am pregnant and they dont know i am want to tell them but what if they are its just goin to make the problem worse x

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Hi there,

Worrying about parents getting divorced is very natural if things are not good at home. It can be a difficult time when you are wondering about what is going on and what will happen within their relationship.

Having a letter your parents don’t want to talk about does not definitely mean that it is a letter about divorce. It could be any number of things. The best way to know for sure would be to tell them how worried you are that they aren’t speaking about it to see if they change their mind about keeping it from you. I know talking to parents can be hard to do sometimes, especially as in your situation you have your pregnancy on your mind as well.

When there are other things going on in a family it can feel like we don’t want to add stress to everything that’s happening. However, as your parents it’s their job to be there for you no matter what. Being pregnant is a huge, life-changing event and if you decide to continue with the pregnancy then they are going to need to know eventually.

During pregnancy lots of things happen as your body changes and adjusts to prepare for having a baby. It’s a time where you will need some extra support. The sooner you get that support, the easier things will be.

Telling trusted adults like parents about being pregnant can feel like a very difficult conversation. However, it’s better to tell them rather than them finding out by accident. There will also be lots of medical appointments such as meetings with a doctor or midwife which you might not be able to hide from your parents.

The most important person is you, and the support you need in this pregnancy, not what may or may not be happening with your mum and dad. Take some time to think about what’s going to be the best way to tell your mum and dad about it. It may help to talk to a ChildLine counsellor and get some practice for what you want to say, so that you can feel prepared.

Take care,

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