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being stuck at home

hello sam,

because of coronavirus, my family just can't take it anymore-my mum has started saying things like 'you lot never do enough' and this makes me feel like crap, like the worlds worst daughter even though I always help my mum with unpacking the shopping and I always have stuck by her side. at the beginning of this year I started having panic attacks and they have been getting worse and worse. I've been trying all the different techniques online but nothings working- within the last week I've had one every day, but haven't told anyone and I don't want to. I feel as if my family expect me to be perfect and I don't think they can accept the fact that I'm not. I also get stress related migraines and cry all the time. I don't know what to do and I want to give up. please help

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Hi there

Staying at home can be stressful for families for lots of reasons. Everyone has their own way of coping with not being able to go out and do their usual activities. You might feel like you’ve lost a lot of your freedom which can be frustrating.

Things that used to be a normal part of life have been restricted because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Staying inside protects you and other people from the virus and helps to stop it spreading. As part of the social distancing measures, people must stay at home except for times you have to go out, such as to get food and medical supplies.

Lots of people find these restrictions difficult and they might be more irritable or sensitive than usual. They might also feel anxious, upset or worried about what’s happening.

Feeling trapped can be difficult and it’s important to find what helps you to cope better with this situation . These are unusual circumstances and you might need some extra support such as talking to someone you trust or using Childline’s tools to share how you’re feeling on the message boards or writing in your mood journal.

Remember, no one is perfect and other people’s expectations can make you feel like you’re failing when you’re doing the best you can. When stress is causing migraines it’s best to follow your doctor’s advice.  You can call your doctor or 111 if you need medical advice or ask an adult to call for you.

It’s good to try different techniques to feel calmer but it’s also important to remember that it might take some practice before you notice a difference in the long term. Training your mind to do something different takes time just like learning any new skill.

Distracting yourself by playing a game might help for a short time, whilst taking slow calm breaths or paying attention to things around you might take a bit more time to practise. It can help to try these techniques when you’re not feeling stressed or panicked. That way they’ll work better when things’re more difficult.

Thanks for writing in, take care.


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