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Autism Awareness Week

My brother has autism and it can be hard he has the biggest problems from claiming he has no friends to the smallest things like not getting enough sleep. He stresses about the most simple things but I still support him like a big sister would. I LOVE HIM - L
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Everyone with autism is different and understanding what they might find hard can really help you to be there for them. While people with autism may sometimes need some extra support, they also need the same things everyone else does – such as friends.

Autism affects people in different ways, but one of those ways is that it’s harder for someone with autism to understand what other people might be thinking and feeling. This can sometimes mean it's difficult to make friends.

When someone we care about tells us they are lonely or don’t have friends, it can be difficult to hear, but spending time with your brother and making sure he knows you care will help him not to feel left out. If you do spend time with him then perhaps you could also try involving some people his own age too. This way you can be there to help him start those friendships off.

Some young people have written on the message boards about worries to do with autism and it might be good to show your brother. You could even help him to write a message of his own. Knowing that autism affects lots and lots of people can help to make him feel less alone.

Another idea might be to have a look at our Autism page where we have lots of information about autism – you can also use this to help other people understand the things your brother finds a little more difficult.

He’s very lucky to have you as his big sister and to have your support. Remember that Childline counsellors are here for both of you whenever you need to talk.

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