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 hey Sam, my friends told me and my other friend that her uncle did dirty thing to her when she was younger, things that she didnt want to do with him, i have known for a while now and i dont know what to do, its constantly on my mind:( help!

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Hi there,

Thanks for your message.

Well done for looking for advice about your friend’s situation. You say that your friend told you her uncle did something “dirty” to her. It’s hard to know exactly what she means by something dirty. It sounds like whatever happened between your friend and her uncle was something that she didn’t want to do and for that reason it’s important that she gets the chance to talk about this.

You’re being a really great friend by asking for advice on what to do. It sounds hard for you to have this on your mind all the time, so it’s important that you get the chance to talk about your own feelings too. You shouldn’t have to feel responsible for helping your friend by yourself. There are people that can help to support her, including Childline.

Perhaps you could encourage your friend to check out Childline’s website and let her know that she can speak to a counsellor. We’re here to listen and won’t judge what you or your friend want to say.

If you decide to speak to a counsellor here and aren’t sure about how to explain what has happened to your friend there is more information on the website in the Explore section that may help you find the words you need.  Perhaps you could also think about talking to someone in your life such as a family member or teacher as they may be able to offer you more advice. 

We would really like to hear from you and your friend. If you’d like to talk some more about how you feel, you’re welcome to send an email, talk to a counsellor in 1-2-1 or call 0800 1111. 

I hope this helps.

Take care,


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