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Underage Sex and Pregnancy (14 & 17)

Hello, im 17 and currently in relationship with a 14 year old girl. we‘ve known each other for some time and we started dating a few months ago. We have had unprotected sex, however at the time if this occurrence, no drugs, alcohol, Bribery or pressure was underway. My girlfriend came onto me and i told her that we shouldn’t engage in sexual activity... however she continued to force herself on top of me and i then felt pressured into having sex. She is now pregnant and i really dont know what to do. Im unsure as to what legal actions may be taken against me if we decide to keep the baby... as i dont want to leave her to raise it on her own. i really do care about her and iv been trying my best to be there for her, and to support her. Thanks, Much appreciated.

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Hi there,

There are laws around the age someone needs to be before they are able to give consent to sex but they're not there to punish young people. Even if someone is younger than you, it's not okay for them to pressure you into having sex - you both have the right to say no at any time.

The law says you need to be 16 before you can agree to sex. This age isn't going to be right for everyone - some people will feel able to make this decision younger than 16, others won't feel ready until they're much older. The main reason this law exists is to protect young people from being manipulated or forced into sex when they're not ready for it. It's unusual for the police to want to prosecute young people if they are of similar age and both say they felt ready and okay to have sex. But this can be different if there is a big age difference between the people– or if one person is under 13 and the other is much older.

Age can be very difficult to compare during your teenage years as people grow and mature at a different pace. Everyone is different,and if you're wondering if a relationship is healthy and safe, it's more about each person's maturity than their age. You have todecide for yourself whether your relationship is right for both of you.

It’s never OK to be pressured into having sex. The person you’re with will respect your wishes if they really care about you. Talking to each other is important and respecting when you say no is a key part of a healthy relationship.

Your girlfriend has a few different options now that she is pregnant. If either of you wants to discuss these with a Childline counsellor, we are here to listen 24/7, on the phone or online.

I hope this has helped.

Take care.


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