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I have been with my girl friend for a year and I danced with a girl at a gig and i think she knows. I feel really guilty and don't know what to say to her
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Hi there,

When we feel guilty about things and keep them secret then it can become a burden and can stop us from getting on with our everyday life.

Sometimes it can feel difficult when you want someone to know something but aren’t too sure how to say it. The longer you put things off, the harder it can be to say it and it can become an even bigger burden for us. So it might be best to find a way to say it sooner rather than later.

Weighing up the pros and cons of telling your girlfriend what happened at the gig might help you decide what to do for the best. If you did decide to talk to your girlfriend it might help to write things down first so that you remember everything you want to say.

Being honest with her about how you have been feeling might help with the guilt and it might show her how much you care. If you make sure she knows that the reason you want to tell her is because you want your relationship to be strong, it will mean she knows that you care about her.  

If you wanted to talk this through with a counsellor then you could call free on 0800 1111, the counsellors are there to listen and support you and to help you explore your options.

Thanks for the letter, take care.

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