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Taking the implant out

hello im 16 and really want my implant out but my mam wont let me its making me over weight and depressed can i get it took out on my own without my mams permission

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Hi there,

There are different types of contraception and it's important to find the right one for you. If you want to take the implant out, you don't need any permission from your mum, but you should talk to your doctor or sexual health nurse first. You should definitely not try to take it out on your own - a medical professional needs to do that.

The implant is one of the most reliable forms of contraception for stopping pregnancy. This is partly because you can't forget to take it like a pill and it lasts for a number of years before it needs to be changed. It doesn't always suit everyone though and people's bodies react differently to it.

What you can do on your own at the doctors depends on your age and how much you understand. At 16 you can make your own decisions about your medical treatment. So you're able to get the implant removed without permission from your mum or another parent.

It might help to talk to someone at your local sexual health clinic about this to help you decide what you want to do. You can find your nearest one here.

I hope that's answered your question, thanks for sending the letter.


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