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So i had this boy message me on social media, i didnt know who he was so i just said hi. About an hour later he started to send me naked videos and pictures of him self. I blocked him and reported all the pictures and the videos he sent me. But a short while later he made a new account and said if you dont send any pictures back then i will send a naked womens body to all of my friends and he also screenshoted all of my selfies and pictures with my friends! I am really scared sam please write back as quick as possible!!

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H there,

You should never be pressured into doing anything you don’t want to. It’s never okay for someone to force you into sending images that you don’t want to share. When someone’s putting pressure on you, or making you feel uncomfortable, it’s okay to be firm about what you will or won’t share with them.

It’s really important not to send sexual images to people you don't know. Sometimes people online aren’t who they say they are, and could be much older. Once you’ve sent an image it can be really hard to control what happens to it, even if you trust that person. It’s also really important that you keep personal information private like where you live or what school yo go to. There's lots more advice about staying safe online.

You’ve done the right thing by not sending any images, blocking him and reporting the images he sent to you. You should never have to look at those kinds of pictures if you don’t want to. The social media sites he is contacting you on should remove the things he has posted - and stop him from sending more. If he keeps creating new accounts this should also be reported to the site – Childline can help you do this.

If someone ever asks for nudes but you don’t know what to say, we have an app called Zipit which might help. It’s good for replying to messages like this.

You haven’t done anything wrong, and if he's sending you sexual images of himself he's breaking the law. You can call your local police force or report him to CEOP by using the ClickCeop button on Facebook or by going to the CEOP website. CEOP work with the police to help young people stay safe online. There's lots of information on their website about what will happen if you report something to them and there’s more advice on their Think You Know site.

You can also talk to a Childline counsellor if you have any worries or concerns about what happens while you're online. To do this you can call, email or log on for a 1-2-1 chat.

Take care,


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