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sex in a relationship

me and my boyfriend  had sex, sort of. it was on Sunday night at 8pm and he didn't ejaculate and there wasn't much movement involved, although I'm only 15 and I am absolutely terrified of getting pregnant. what should I do? can I go to the GP without my parents knowing?  I can't concentrate in school and I can't stop worrying
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Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to write to me about your worries. You have done the right thing to try and get some advice with this. Unfortunately, there’s always a risk of getting pregnant if you’ve had sex without using contraception, even if the boy didn't ejaculate (cum). This is because boys can start to leak small amounts of sperm from their penis as soon as they get an erection.

If you are ever worried you might be pregnant and didn’t use any contraception (or you did but something went wrong) then you can get something called emergency contraception – also known as the “morning after pill”. There are different types of emergency contraception – some can work up to 5 days after having sex. You are able to get this for free, even under the age of 16. You can read more about this on our page about contraception.

I can understand that you are feeling terrified at the thought of being pregnant. If you find that you miss your next period it would be important to get tested to find out for sure if you are pregnant.

There are several options available for getting a pregnancy test done without your parents knowing. At the age of 15 you are entitled to confidentiality from your GP but it would be useful to ask your GP about what kinds of things you can speak with them about in private before actually asking for a pregnancy test.

There are other places you can go for a free pregnancy test. The NHS website has a page where you can search for your nearest clinic. Brook are a young person’s sexual health service and their website also allows you to search for their nearest clinic in your area. You can get a free pregnancy test at these clinics. You can also buy a test yourself from any chemist or large supermarket.

I can hear that you are worrying about this a lot. Remember that you don't have to go through this alone. You may find our message boards helpful to read about other young people who have been in similar situations. ChildLine counsellors are also always available to listen to you whenever you want to talk. You can contact us on 0800 1111, online in a 1-2-1 chat or email.

I hope this message has helped.

Take care,

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