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Sex and contraception

Hi Sam, I'm a girl and nearly 15. I've been close to losing my virginity several times and have decided not to because there has never been any type of contraception on me or the boy. I was wondering, if I go to my GP and ask them for help such as different ways of contraception or maybe even a C-card since I know a couple girls which have one. Since it's only legal to have sex in the UK at 16, will It be possible for them to even give me anything. I don't want my mum knowing about this or anything so will they have to tell her? I'm not worried about going to the GP and asking I just do not want my mum knowing about any of this.

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Taking care of your sexual health is really important, no matter what age you are. Using contraception means that you are looking after your body and protecting yourself and your partner.

It’s really important that your decisions about sex are right ones for you and that you are not being pressured or forced in any way. It’s all about understanding consent and the importance of agreeing to any sexual activity you take part in. There’s more information about this on our page about sex.

When you are sexually active, or thinking about having sex, GP’s, GUM, sexual health clinics and family planning services can all give you contraceptive help and advice. They can provide you with free contraception and advice about safe sex. There are young people’s services in some areas. You may need to book an appointment or some clinics offer a drop in service.

If you are under 16 you are able to get contraceptive services too. As long as the doctor or nurse believes you fully understand the information and the decisions you are making they don’t need to tell parents or carers if you're not in danger. Be aware though that they may try to encourage you to talk to adults close to you so that support is there if you need it. Ask them more about confidentiality at the appointment.

You can call the national sexual health line on 0300 123 7123 for more information. Or you can start by having a look at all the choices available on the Brook contraception page.

Being prepared means that you can take the next step when you are fully ready. Remember it’s your body and your decisions and both of you need to fully agree with anything that happens.

And remember you can always talk to Childline about any worries you have.

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