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self harm (cutting)

My bestfriend has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and for the past couple of months she has been really strugging with bullying and different things so much so that she has chosen to cut herself down her arms with a pencil sharpner blade. I have tried talking her out of self harm but convincing her to stop and trying to help her build up her confidence issues with new people but nothing that i am doing to help her is working and she is getting worse and worse by the day. I am becoming extremely worried about her because she might end up at the stage i was in a couple of years ago where i wanted to end my life and nearly done it untill a friend contacted my mum and got me to stop myself before it was to late, but every day i worry that my friend is going to do the same and I won't be able to help her in any way possible.
I am here seaking advice to help her and get her out of this addiction before it is to late and she does end her life. I hate living every day waking up worrying if she is still alive or not and it breaks my heart when i find fresh cuts on her arms at school. She is to afraid to tell the school or her parents about it and i'm worried to tell her parents about it because she will hate me for it if i do. She has always helped me when i needed it and now i want to help her get out of what i got into but i don't know how.
please get back to me as soon as possible,
thank you
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When we feel worried about someone who we’re close to and we care about, it can make us feel very unhappy too. Deciding to talk about this is a really positive step. I can hear how hard you’re trying to support your friend and it’s clear how special your friendship is.

We understand that self-harm can be a way to cope and it sounds as though your friend is having a very difficult time managing such a lot on her own. It might be very hard for her to try to stop cutting if she doesn’t feel ready, no matter how hard you try to encourage her.

It sounds very difficult for her to talk about what’s wrong but if you think she could be in danger it’s important to tell an adult as soon as possible so that your friend can get help even if she doesn’t want to tell anyone herself.

Your friend has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression which suggests that a doctor is already helping her. These are illnesses and it isn’t your responsibility to try to make her better. Even if it feels like you’re not doing anything, just being beside her and reminding her that you care about her could be a big help.

It sounds as though you went through a tough time a few years ago and it can be a lot to listen to someone else’s experiences. It’s important that you can take care of yourself now too. You’re doing such a lot to support your friend and it would be good to think about your own support network.

You mentioned how your mum helped you after your friend spoke to her and it might be an idea to think about talking to her about your worries.
ChildLine counsellors are here for both of you and talking about your feelings could help you decide what to do next to help your friend.

Take care,


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