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Secret relationship in class

Today in my class someone told that in our class there are two people which are in a secret relationship , i know who they are so i told them that i know but i didnt say their names so my classmates all came rushing to me and begged to say their name. i could save the secret for now but i dont know for how much i will endure. what can i do ???!
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Hi there

Secrets can be difficult to keep sometimes, especially if you’re feeling under pressure from other people to talk about what you know.

When we know about a big secret like this it can feel like we want people to know that we have information that they don’t have. It can be tempting to tell people about it. It can make us feel important and special which is hard to ignore. The thing is, if we do tell the secret to other people it stops being a secret. If you tell people, it could start being a rumour or gossip, which isn't usually very nice.

It’s up to you what happens next, but you should think very carefully before you decide. Once you have told someone else you can’t take it back, and there may be consequences of spreading the secret. Try thinking about how the people involved might feel if it’s something that they are trying to keep private.

Sometimes there can be good reasons to talk about a secret, like if you’re worried someone might be being hurt or is in danger or if it’s making you feel upset yourself. There is a difference between talking to a trusted adult about a secret that’s worrying you and spreading a secret as gossip.

Remember that ChildLine counsellors are always here for you to talk to privately.

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