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i was rape by my teacher and i dont know how to tell my mum she mite be angry with me please help!!
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Thank you for getting in touch with me. I understand it can feel scary to tell anyone else about what happened, and I think you’ve been really brave telling me about it.

The way your teacher has treated you is wrong, and against the law. No-one has the right to force you to have sex with them, or do anything sexual that you don’t want to do. Whatever happened with your teacher isn’t your fault. It’s understandable to feel nervous about telling anyone else but it’s an important thing to think about so you can get some help to be safe. If there are any other adults you know and trust perhaps you could think about talking to them?

I’m wondering what makes you think your mum will be angry with you? Perhaps that is something you could talk about more with a ChildLine counsellor. You can phone ChildLine at any time of day on 0800 1111, or talk to us online. You can also send personal emails to ChildLine counsellors here.

I’m concerned that you may have been physically hurt by your teacher, and when anyone is forced to have sex it is good to get some medical advice. If you do feel able to phone someone you could call Ask Brook on 0808 802 1234. They would be able to tell you more about where you may be able to visit to get support. You can find out more about this on the Brook website.

As you are talking about a teacher who has broken the law ChildLine might need to talk to someone else about it. You can find out more by looking at our confidentiality promise. If you have more questions about that it would be ok to ask about that before deciding whether to tell us more about what happened.

Thanks again for getting in touch with me.

Take care,


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