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Hi Sam! I have just started secondary school and am going to be 12 in 4 days. A couple of weeks ago I started bleeding, I kept it hidden for a while, and hoped it would stop but it didn't, so I told my mum. I was a bit scared but she was very supportive. I started wearing panty-liners then moved on but didn't use tampons. After a few weeks my periods started to get smaller then eventually stopped, so I stopped wearing things to stop my period (like panty liners) it has been a month now and I haven't got my period since.... What's happening?
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Hi there,

Thank you for writing to me. I can see how scared you were when your period started recently. It can be very scary when something happens to us that we are not expecting, especially if it hasn't happened before. I'm pleased to see that you were able to talk to your mum and that she was supportive to you.

Periods happen to all young females when puberty starts, and can begin anywhere between the ages of 8 and 16 – or sometimes older. Periods are usually around twenty-eight days apart, but this can be different for every individual. You sound worried that yours have stopped after they have just begun but don’t worry – this is quite normal and it may take a while to settle into a regular cycle.

If you feel brave enough to talk to your mum again she may be able to explain the signs that a period is about to start. She could also talk you through the various products that are available to help manage your period. You might want to think about making sure you have access to a sanitary towel until you start to get to know when your period is starting – it’s best to make sure you don’t get caught by surprise.

Often your school will have some spare panty liners if you get really stuck – you can ask to speak to your school’s nurse, if you have one.

You have been brave writing to me, and if you would like to talk more about your worries around puberty or anything else, feel free to talk to one of our ChildLine counsellors who are always there to listen.

Take care,

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