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Period bloating

I'm 15 and have only just started my period really and they're very irregular. But I have noticed that whenever my next period is "on its way" I get really nasty bloating in my lower stomach below the navel. I'm just wondering if this was normal and why it happens? It makes me feel fat and vulnerable.
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Hi there,

Periods can cause some bloating and discomfort but if you’re worried about it at all, you can always have a chat to your doctor or nurse about it. When your period first starts, it’s common for it to take a while to get into a regular cycle. Some people find that their cycle is never completely regular. I’m not medically trained, so I don’t know they science behind the cause of bloating. But it sounds like this has been making you really uncomfortable. There’s a useful page on the NHS website about period symptoms that might be helpful.

I can hear that you’re feeling self-conscious about your body at times when you’re feeling bloated and that your emotions might also be affected. I don’t know if you have anyone in your life who you can talk to or whether there are things you can do that help you to feel comforted and safe. Sometimes talking to someone you trust at times when you’re feeling low can really help. ChildLine counsellors will always be there for you if you’d like someone to chat to about how things are. There is a message board specifically for young people to talk about puberty issues that affect girls.

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