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I am facing a tuff time I am living with my sister and she is having a baby soon I can't wait we live on our own our parents are dead my sister husband works on the oil rig out at sea and I am just starting my period and she is really busy right now getting everything ready for the baby I need some help with my period I have pads and stuff but there is other stuff what should I do
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Hi there,

It can help to have some support when you start your period. It's really helpful if somebody can give you practical advice, like where to get pads and how to use them. It's good if someone can also give you emotional support with the changes you’re going through. From what you’ve said, you don’t feel as though you can tell your sister about it because she’s busy preparing for the baby. If you have a good relationship with her, it could still be a good idea to speak to her and let her know what’s happening for you. If it’s hard to find a moment to speak face-to-face, perhaps you could think about writing something to her, so she can read it in her own time.

If you’re sure that your sister is too busy, it’s a good idea to think about who else might be able to be there for you. This could be a teacher or a doctor or somebody else in your life that you trust. Remember that you can also talk things through with a ChildLine counsellor. You can talk to them about periods and about your feelings about your sister’s baby. I also noticed that you said that your parents have died. If you’d like to talk more about that with somebody, counsellors can always be there to listen. You can also find support for coping with the death of loved ones on Hope Again’s website.

When you get your period, it’s good to be prepared and have pads or tampons ready to use. I can hear that there are other things that you’d like to talk to somebody about. You’re welcome to ask counsellors any questions you have about them.

It’s really good that you felt able to write to me about this. 

Take care,

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