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over all I think I am a good person. But there is one thing on my mind...

dear Sam,

there is this boy, we have been going out for a while until one month ago when he dumped me and now is going out with my friend. They kissed today. It's hurts so bad and I feel like no one loves me. What shall I do?

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Hi there

Being dumped can be really upsetting, and sometimes it can feel like everyone else is happy and in love except you.  

Most people feel this way at some point. It can be difficult to try and move on from those feelings and accept that things can and will get better. Some relationships just don’t work out — it’s not always anyone’s fault, it might be that two people just aren’t right for each other.

Everyone has different ideas about what is attractive or lovable, so never judge yourself by just one person’s actions or opinions. Maybe you could think about the people you are closest to and the things they may like or love about you. You could even ask them. You could also think about the things you love about yourself.

I can see that being around your friend is going to be difficult whilst she is with your ex-boyfriend. Moving on from a relationship is often hard and one of the main things that helps is time and space. You might find that you are able to move on from that relationship if you are not reminded of him so much. This might mean asking your friend if you can spend time just with her, without your ex-boyfriend. 

Think about the things that make you happy and try to focus your time on those. Maybe spending time with other friends, or doing things you enjoy like listening to your favourite music, or a hobby you like. Learning what helps you cope when things feel difficult can help you in all sorts of situations. Remember, how you feel is important and you deserve to feel happy and loved.

Take care,

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