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hi sam

i am worried about my friend j* i called her out to play and she said she was allowed to play out but her mum was not at home so she still came out when her mum came home she shouted at j* and i got reaally worried about her. :(

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Hello there,

Thank you for writing your letter to me. I can hear that you’re very worried about your friend J and about what happened when her mum was angry after you played out together.

It’s difficult to know what made J’s mum shout at her. Sometimes it can feel like it’s your fault when someone else gets angry, and it’s important that you know it isn’t your fault.

There could be lots of reasons why J’s mum was angry. Perhaps she was worried when she came home and she didn’t know where J was. I can hear that you care a lot for J. Maybe you could let her know that you’re there for her if she’d like to talk to you about anything?

It’s natural to feel worried when our friends are sad. Your feelings are very important too. I wonder if there are any adults that you could share your worries with? You could talk to someone that you live with, or a teacher at school.

If you wanted to, you could always talk to a Childline counsellor. There are different ways to talk to them. You can ring the free phone number (0800 1111), which doesn’t show up on the phone bill. You could also log in for a 1-2-1 chat, (which works like instant messenger) or you can send them an email through your Locker.

You can talk to Childline about anything you’d like to, and it’s important that you can talk about what’s on your mind. Perhaps you could suggest to J that she may like to talk to us too, about what things are like for her at home.

Take care,


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