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My parents h8 me because of sex

My parents hate me because I had sex with someone. We used a condom but it must have leaked because now I am 17 and preagnant. My parents wont talk to me now, my boyfriend left me and I am all alone. the only person helping me is my twenty four year old big brother. he lets me live with him at the moment but please tell me what to do  !    
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Hi there, 

Thanks for sending your message through to me, I can really hear how alone you’re feeling right now and that you feel you want some more support.

Pregnancy is one of the most life-changing things that can happen to a person and it affects everybody in a different way. It sounds like for you it’s come as a shock and has had a big knock-on effect with your family. Emotionally, this can be a confusing time. You are dealing with your pregnancy as well as the fact that your parents will not speak to you. There will be a lot to think about - one of the most important things is your own health, so please remember to take care of yourself.

There’s a website called Brook which has some really good information about pregnancy. They also have a lot of useful advice about having a baby, as well as some of the other options available to you.

I can hear that what’s hurting the most at the moment is that your parents won’t talk to you, that your boyfriend has left you and that you’re feeling alone. It’s important that you have support in these tough times. It’s good that you have your brother and it sounds like he's being really supportive. I think it's important for you to get full support, so if you’d like to talk through what’s going on then you can always speak to a ChildLine counsellor and they’d be happy to help you. You can speak to a counsellor for free by calling 0800 1111, or by having a 1-2-1 chat or emailing in.

A time like this can mean some potentially big changes ahead and there will be many new things to think about if you have to bring up a baby yourself. Gingerbread is a great organisation that can help young, single parents to cope by giving expert advice and support. They have a free helpline which is 0808 802 0925. 

Whatever happens, ChildLine is there for you and you don’t have to go through this alone. Get in touch with one of our counsellors for more support. You can also read the message boards or post on them to connect with other young people who may have gone through something like this already. 

Take care



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