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Missing friends

I left primary school yesterday and miss my best friends so much that me and one of the others are crying. Even though we've gone two whole weeks without seeing each other before, I feel like we can't be apart. We are going to arrange a meet up but its really hard not to get upset that we won't see each other until then. Other friends I will miss too and I can't see them in the summer. Please help!
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Hi there,

It can be really hard being separated from friends that you feel close to. Even if it’s not the same as seeing them face to face, it might help you to think about ways that you can stay in touch.

It’s good to plan times to meet up as it can be something to look forward to. You could also think about staying in touch through messages online, speaking to each other on the phone and even writing letters. I understand that’s not the same as spending time with these people most days of the week, but it can help you to stay in touch.

When things change like this it can also be a good opportunity to think about making some new friends, not as a way of replacing the ones that you already have but as a chance to get to know some new people. Remember at one point you didn’t know the people that you are friends with now.

Maybe have a think about whether there are any people around your age in your area who you might like to get to know. Or there might be activities over the summer that you could get involved in. This could help you meet new people.

Perhaps have a think about things that you enjoy doing that may be able to cheer you up a bit when you’re feeling down and take your mind off how much you’re missing your friends.

Sometimes it can help to talk to an adult you trust about how you’re to feeling to see if they have any ideas. You can also always talk to a ChildLine counsellor if it’s getting you down or you’d just like to talk through some ideas.

If you’re starting at a new school in September that can sometimes feel a bit scary. It’s natural to feel like this even if you have friends going to the same school. It’s important to remember that the staff are there for you to talk to if you have any worries.

You may also like to take a look at the friendships and school pages for some more ideas.

Take care,

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